Boot Buyers Guide

I’ll be honest, I have never owned a pair of riding boots for my atv. I have always worn steel toe work boots out on the trails and dunes. I am currently working on getting a pair of riding boots because I don’t want to risk injuries from not having a proper pair. 

I have watched review after review of motocross boots and I know I want something COMFORTABLE! I really love the Fox Instinct Boots over at Amazon but they are a little too steep for my blood so I found a pair that are modeled after them! Check out the Fox Comp X Boots over Amazon because they are $250 CHEAPER than their cousins, the Instincts, and still offer great comfort, style, and protection.

Later in life riding ATVs, I realized I need to protect myself even more. As I get older, injuries last longer and the effects after the injuries heal are more prominent and cause more issues.

Considerations For Buying Boots

  • Safety – If you have followed any of my other articles then you know safety is a big topic I care about and definitely something I look for when buying gear. I want a boot that will protect my legs, feet, and ankles very well.
  • Comfort – Comfort is my #2 factor when picking gear and boots are no exception. I want to have boots that will stay comfortable on long rides and not make me want to have a foot massage every time I take them off because my feet are hurting.
  • Sole Grip – I personally like a boot that allows me to feel the pegs underneath my feet. Soles that are too hard are just not good enough. Normally with the ability to feel the pegs comes good rubbery grip to keep my feet locked in tight.
  • Buckles – Quality boots typically have quality buckles. I want to have buckles that are not plastic, if I can, and stay buckled while riding. Many riders claim their boots come unbuckled from time to time while riding.

Other Good Boot Manufacturers to Check Out

  • Alpine Stars
  • Gaerne
  • Fox Racing
  • Sidi
  • Thor

All gear can be very cheap to buy and you get what you pay for. Now I am not saying you have to go pay $450-$500 for a pair of boots, but you don’t need to cheap out and get low quality boots.