Tire Buyers Guide

If you want to buy a set of tires then I have you covered right here with all the ones I have personally used, my buddies have used, or I have done extensive research on. Tires are not generally a cheap thing to replace so make sure you only drive on terrain suited for the type of tire you buy so they will last as long as possible.

  • All-Terrain Tires – If you want a good all around tire that can perform well in almost any situation then you need to get a set of all terrain tires.

    Maxxis Razr
    If you want to have more fun on your rides, pick up a set of Maxxis Razr Tires for your ATV and you’ll feel as rowdy as your first time on the track.

    For desert, hard pack, and anything you run across in between, the Razr can’t be held back thanks to its huge footprint, race-formulated tread compound, and excellent dispersion of tread lugs. When you feel the need for speed, give it the gas and the Razr doesn’t just hook up, it rips through straights and corners all while the solid tread design eliminates tread squirm.

    • Evenly dispersed lugs give you a large contact patch
    • Extended tread life thanks to the specially formulated race compound
    • Sold knob design eliminates tread squirm
    • Lightweight performs on several terrain types
    • Standard construction features 4-ply ratings along with 6-ply ratings available in the 20×11-9, 22×11-9, 22×7-10, 23×7-10 and 22×10-11 sizes
  • Snow And Sand Tires – Most good snow tires have a tread pattern that resembles a paddle, and this is to ensure that traction remains constant as you move forward.

    CST Sandblasts
    Soar over dunes with the Sandblast from CST. This lightweight, dune-engineered tire delivers maximum flotation and high performance. The size and tread design of the front tire creates excellent flotation and turning ability, so transitioning from dune to dune is effortless. The rear blades allow for the extreme versatility, powering through dunes with ease.
    • Dual-staggered knobs maximize steering response in sand.
    • Blades provide extreme versatility and power in dunes.
    • 2-Ply rated bias compound provides minimal rolling resistance.
  • Mudding Tires – There are several good choices when it comes to good mudding tires. If you are looking for a good set of mudding tires then you will want some with very aggressive treads that are spaced out to keep mud from packing into the trades to form a slick like surface. These types of tires give you the absolute BEST grip in any situation.

    Maxxis Maxxzilla
    The Maxxzilla Plus features an even more aggressive tread design with deeper lugs to power through the thickest mud. When mounting oversized tires on your machine, be sure to check for proper fitment and tire clearance.Long pitches and big block design increase traction performance in muddy terrain.
    • Special cone knob design helps expel mud
    • 6 ply
  • Street Tires – Street tires are for those that want to make your UTV or ATV street legal. In most states these DOT approved tires are mandatory before you can even drive on the street.
    Here are some great DOT approved tires that you get for a good price at amazon.